New rules for Ground Management

2 Jun 2023

Effective immediately, each team hosting a home game must now assign one or two individuals to serve as Ground Managers for the duration of their match.

Both Cronulla Junior Rugby League (CJRL) and the Referees Association have communicated to all clubs that games will not commence without the presence of a Ground Manager. The Ground Managers must be easily identifiable in purple vests and stationed at the score table. Failure to provide a Ground Manager will result in the match being deemed a forfeit for the home team, and the club will face penalties.

Upon finalisation of the weekly draw, Age Group Managers will notify all teams hosting home games about their responsibility to provide Ground Managers for their respective matches.

Members of the DLSJRLFC Committee will be present at Captain Cook Fields each weekend, rotating their support to assist the on-duty Ground Managers.

Role requirements

Information on what the role requires can be found here. We also recommend completing the short online course available through PlayNRL, which offers training and valuable tips to fulfil the responsibilities effectively.

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