Junior presentation night is here

3 Nov 2022

Join us down at the clubhouse for the De La night of nights – the Junior Presentation Night, Friday 4 Nov from 5pm.

Along with all the awards, we’ve got a bunch of awesome rides, a tropical snow cones truck, and slow-cooked meat and salad wraps for sale – the 2023 U16’s are kicking off their fundraising, so let’s show our support and eat up!

Bring your picnic blanket or chair and relax. The canteen and bar will be open, so there’s something for everyone.

Presentations will start at 5pm sharp as follows:

U6’s – 5.00pm
U7’s – 5.20pm
U8’s – 5.30pm
U9’s – 5.50pm
U10’s – 6pm
U11’s – 6.20pm
U12’s – 6.40pm
U13’s – 6.55pm
U14’s – 7.15pm
U15’s – 7.30pm
U16’s – 7.40pm
U17’s – 7.50pm

De La Salle JRLFC, part of the local community since 1962.