Team Managers, Coaches & Trainers

Become a team manager, coach or trainer for your team with De La Salle and make a positive difference to our Club.

Applications for Team Managers, Coaches and Trainers are now open

Registration must be completed for all Volunteers (Coach, Sports Trainer, League Safe, Team Manager, Club Committee, etc.) appointed for the current season.

NOTE: Prior to registering please make sure you have your Working with Children WWC Number and expiry date. No WWC – You won’t be a COACH or TRAINER. Read more on your role and responsibilities below and if you have any further questions, please get in touch.

Become a Team Manager

As Team Manager you will be the link between the Club and your team’s players, coach, trainers and parents.

In addition to overseeing any team initiated activities throughout the season, you’ll need to collate and supply information on your team to the Club Committee so we can stay on top of progress and track the team’s contribution to any Club initiatives.

We recommend you use a mobile application such as the MyLeague App, Team App or WhatsApp to communicate with parents.

Responsibilities of a Team Manager:

  • Ensure you have your WWCC (Working With Children Check)
  • Collect team bag, first aid kit, water bottles and playing jerseys from the club at the Managers Meeting prior to the season commencing
  • Ensure you have contact details for all parents
  • Organise a jersey roster for washing the jerseys each week
  • Organise canteen/bbq roster for home games and training nights
  • Ensure water bottles, first aid kit, and jerseys are at each game
  • Ensure the Team Sheet is filled in each week including playing numbers and identification numbers. This must be done whether the game is home or away – ID checks will be conducted by the home club. THIS IS IMPORTANT – the club may be fined if the identification numbers are not on the sheets or the sheets are not filled out and signed
  • Remain at or near the table for the duration of the game and ensure that all particulars in relation to the game are correctly entered on the scoresheet prior to when the referee signs the score sheet
  • At home games, ensure 2 parents act as duty officials.

Become a Coach

As a coach you have an extremely important role to play in your players’ experience in rugby league.

  • Ensure you have your WWCC (Working With Children Check)
  • Register as a volunteer at
  • Ensure you have your relevant coaching certificate – go to the NRL Learning Centre to find your course
  • Facilitate a safe and friendly rugby league environment
  • Ensure the development of players’ skills
  • Maximise the enjoyment of all players
  • Be a role model and ambassador for the game
  • Have a positive influence in the lives of young players in your care

Become a Trainer

A Junior Rugby League trainer can have many roles during the course of the year. From assisting the coach in preparation for training and games to relaying messages and water to the players on the field. Trainers require different levels of qualification for different age groups.

  • Ensure you have your WWCC (Working With Children Check)
  • Register as a volunteer at
  • Ensure you have your relevant training qualification – go to the NRL Learning Centre to find your course. NB: LeagueSafe accreditation is the minimum requirement to enter the field of play as set down by the Australian Rugby League On Field Policy

If you would like more information on becoming a trainer please contact your Age Group Manager.