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FAQ’s for the Pre-Season

Where do I sign up to play for De La?

You can register online from wherever you are.

Step 1. Go to MySideline
Step 2. Search ‘De La Salle Caringbah’
Step 3. Hit REGISTER and follow the prompts

Don’t forget to grab your Active Kids Voucher before you register. You’ll save $100 per player!

What comps can I register my daughter to play in?

We’ve got both contact and non-contact versions of the game for girls to join in on.

In the U6s to U12s, the game has been developed for both girls and boys to play tackle rugby league in mixed teams. And now we have girls tackle for U16s. Games are played on Saturdays.

Plus there is Girls League Tag, which is hugely popular for girls to play on Sundays. We’ve got teams from U7s to Opens.

Are there any discounts on rego fees for families?

There are. If you’ve got 3 or more players, you’re in for a discount. Check it out.

What do I do if I’m transferring from another club?

Go to MySideline and follow the prompts to register with De La Salle Caringbah.

The system will tell you that “This member type requires a clearance. Please submit one below or try a different member type.” Click on the green “Request Clearance” button to apply for a transfer.

If the clearance is approved, you will be directed to go back to the registration page and complete the rego with De La.

I’m having trouble registering. What now?!

If you run into technical dramas, simply get in touch at or see us on one of the Gear & Rego Days which will be held during the pre-season and we’ll get you sorted.

When does training start?

Training usually starts in March for the Under 6s, 7s and 8s. And in February for the Under 13s and above. This gives everyone 1 to 2 months to get ready for kick-off!

What gear do I need? Where do I get it?

Players will need a pair of footy boots, a mouthguard and a drink bottle. We’ll supply the jersey, shorts and socks!

You’ll pick up your shorts and socks from the clubhouse on ‘Gear Day’. Your coach will hand out jerseys each week on game days. We try to keep the jerseys together so they don’t get lost!

NB: You can buy a mouthguard from most chemists, or buy a custom-fit mouthguard on Gear Day.

When do players get put into teams?

During the pre-season. Under 6s, 7s and 8s won’t need to be graded before being put into teams. Neither will Tag League players.

My child really doesn’t get on well with another child. Can they be put in separate teams?

If we can accommodate this, we will. Speak to your Age Group Manager as soon as possible during the pre-season.

Which players are graded?

All kids playing tackle rugby league – from Under 9s to Under 18s – are graded (when there are enough numbers for more than one team).

Why are players graded?

When there are enough numbers to form multiple teams in an age group, clubs need to grade their players.

This is to make sure players are in the team that best reflects their abilities. Grading also helps young players:

  • develop their skills in a fun environment
  • avoid injuries, and
  • stay engaged in the great game of rugby league.

How will I know which team my child is in?

The coach will send a welcome email to all players in their team. So when you register, make sure you’re using the best email contact for you.

What if I’ve got a query about the grade my child is in?

If you’ve got concerns or questions about grading, first take a look at our Grading Policy page to see how grading decisions are made. Still curious/concerned? Your Age Group Manager is your next port of call.

My child is small for their age, can they play down an age group?

If they’re playing in a tackle competition, they may be able to. This would be approved for players who are judged to be within the required weight limit, as stated in the Community Rugby League Weight Dispensation Guidelines.

Any participant who is granted dispensation to play down in a lower age group is NOT permitted to participate in their natural age group in the same season.

If you would like to apply for this dispensation, please get in touch and we’ll take you through the process.

How else can a child play down an age group?

Players who are born between July and December can register in the year level immediately below their calendar grouping.

This is a new initiative, aimed at promoting ongoing participation and personal development. It’s targeted towards children who may be new to the game, late developers or less confident.

FAQ’s for when it’s GAME ON!

What day will my kid be playing?

Under 6s to 13s tackle play on Saturdays. Under 14s to 20s play on Sundays.

What day is the Girls League Tag played?

Sundays. Sleep-ins are overrated, right?

When does the season start and finish?

Generally, the season runs for 5 months, from the start of April until the end of August. Check out our Season Calendar for all the dates you need.

If it’s raining, will games still be on?

Yes! Unless Council tells us otherwise. Your Team Manager will keep you informed. You can also keep an eye on our Facebook page for updates on ground closures.

Where can I find all the away game ovals?

Maps to all the home grounds in the comp are right here on Cronulla JRL’s website.

What does De La do to help keep kids stay safe on the field?

First and foremost, we stick to the Safeplay Code. This was developed by the NRL to emphasise safety and good conduct in all players up to and including the Under 15s.

All parents, players, and coaches should familiarise themselves with the Safeplay Code at the start of each season. It’s a 5-minute read (or 2.5-minute watch) that can prevent injuries, penalties and upsets.

Take a look at the Safeplay Code now.

When do the little ones start to tackle?

In the Under 6s age group, they’ll start to tackle after the first six weeks of the season. This allows our future stars of the game to go through the Rugby League Ready program, which arms them with fundamental movement skills and gets them ready to tackle and be tackled confidently.

Where can I find the rules of the game?
How can I stay up-to-date and in the know about events?

Check out the Season Calendar. And follow our social pages for the inside scoop.

Are there any jobs that parents or players need to help out with?

Absolutely. Each team must have parents/volunteers at homes games to cover ground setup and packup (when your team is playing the first game or last game), and ground management.

Your Team Manager will let you know when your team is rostered on. Click here for details on rostered duties.

The more volunteers we have, the easier it is on everyone, so please don’t hang back. And please, always make sure you and your kids are cleaning up after yourselves. Rubbish in the bins!

Where can I get my mitts on some De La merch?

From time to time, we have sales on pre-loved and new supporters gear and training gear at the clubhouse. Follow our social pages so you don’t miss out!

What do we need to know about concussions?

Players and parents should be aware that minor concussions – where players get up from play feeling momentarily dazed but eager to play on – are the ones to watch.

Complications are not common, however, the risk of complications from a concussion is increased by allowing the player to return to play (or training) before they have recovered completely.

It is therefore essential to recognise a possible concussion, confirm the diagnosis with a doctor, and keep the player out of training and competition until the player has recovered completely.

Every De La team has a First Responder, who is trained in recognising and managing concussions.

Parents, you can help by encouraging your child to always be honest with themselves and with their coaches, trainers and doctors about how they’re feeling after a suspected concussion.

We recommend listening to what some legends of the game have to say about concussions in this video.

FAQ’s for THE END of Season

What do we need to do at the end of the season?

First, give yourselves a massive pat on the back for being part of one of the greatest clubs in town. Second, wash that Jersey and get it back to your Team Manager. And finally, join us for some fun at the end of year presentation!

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