Game Day Information

Game Rule Changes
Changes have been made thanks to COVD-19. These may change again as restrictions ease further (e.g. match durations may return to normal if social gathering numbers move up to 500 people, removing the need for gaps between matches).

Please visit the NSWRL website for the most up to date information – including game duration’s – Click here.

Live-streaming of Games
Each game at Captain Cook Oval will be live-streamed via BAR TV Sports – so you don’t miss any of the action.  Available to watch for a small subscription fee (from $4.95) – Click here to set up your account and view your game.

Game Day Protocols

  1. Maximum of 1 spectator per player to attend warm up/game.  Can’t make it to game – view it live via BAR TV Sports.  Click here to view your game.
  2. Anyone with flu-like symptoms or who are at a high risk should not attend
  3. Only essential participants should attend i.e. players, coaches, officials, volunteers, staff, 1 parent/guardian
  4. Only attend as close as practical to the start of your game and leave as soon as possible after
  5. Travel, where possible, only with your family
  6. Keep 1.5 metres between yourself and others on the sidelines
  7. No shaking hands – the current RESPECT Protocols are suspended for now
  8. Players should arrive dressed – access to change rooms will be restricted
  9. Practice good hygiene, including washing hands before and after training and games
  10. Avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth
  11. No sharing equipment, towels, clothing or drink bottles

Training Information

Training Times and Guidelines
The following is what we need Coaches and Trainers of our teams at De La are implementing as part of our Covid-19 safety plan to assist with the safety of our players for training –

All players that attend training will need to record their attendance by the WhatsApp group created by the Age Group Co-ordinator.

Training Protocols
Key rules to be followed at this stage include:

  1. Groups of 20 only, with no cross over
  2. Each group must have their own balls
  3. No sharing of anything – equipment, clothing, towels or drink bottles
  4. All balls markers etc must be cleaned after each training session
  5. No use of tackle bags hit pads etc as they’re too hard to clean afterwards
  6. Only essential spectators. One parent/guardian per child
  7. No parents on the field
  8. Players and staff must observe hygiene requirements when training, including washing hands before and after any training
  9. ‘Get in, train, and get out’ – all participants should arrive dressed and ready to train and leave straight after

What’s next
The NSWRL Return to Play Roadmap, gives an overview of the rules at each stage. More guidelines and information from the NSWRL as to what is being implemented can be found here.

Season dates – 18 July – 20 September 
The Cronulla JRL has now confirmed there will be 10 rounds with no weekends off, meaning the competition rounds will run from 18/19 July to 19/20 September. The Grand Finals will follow straight after, on the weekend of 26/27 September. More info on that can be found here.